Do any of these problems sound familiar?




Empty community buildings.


Young people leaving to find jobs elsewhere.

Not enough funds for local projects.

No place for locals to socialise.

Here’s how a remarkable hostel can fix all of these problems:


A boutique hostel creates...

Refresh your hostel — quickly and inexpensively — and entice a much larger market to your door.

  • income to maintain buildings
  • valuable jobs for locals
  • great space for socialising
  • affordable accommodation for visiting friends, family and tourists

Does the word 'hostel' make you think of creaky bunkbeds?

Think again. A new breed of hostel is emerging.

Boutique, luxury hostels combine:

  • beautiful design
  • ability to cook your own food
  • interaction with the local community



How can you create a boutique hostel in your community?

We’ll give you the tools you need, including:

  • feasibility studies
  • business plans
  • choosing and working with architects
  • staff hiring and training
  • marketing
  • operations

This is what successful hostels around the world look like:

Our services for new hostels:

Feasibility Studies

Need to know how — or if — a hostel will work in your area? Start here.


Business Plans

Need to secure funding to buy your building and confident a hostel is the right use for it? Start here.



Done your feasibility study and/or business plan already? Increase funding through your marketing to the community, funders and potential guests.

Feasibility Studies and Business Plans

1) Listening.

That’s how our feasibility studies and business plans begin.

We listen to your community’s ideas, what you most need to achieve with the hostel. Maybe it’s jobs for youth, or a place to run courses, or a top-class facility that puts your town on the map.

2) Address concerns.

Maybe it’s the nearby B&B that’s worried the hostel will hurt their business, or the pub that’s worried the hostel cafe. We explain how we work with local businesses to drive guests to their door so that everyone benefits.

3) Research.

We stay for a few days in your community as tourists, finding its top attractions and hidden gems. We comb through market research reports for the latest stats and trends.

4) Financial projections.

We prepare detailed projections of occupancy, revenue and expenses. You’ll know how much to budget, how much revenue and profit you’ll likely generate.

5) Launch event.

Our detailed report is presented to your community at a launch event. Locals give feedback, see progress and offer to help move things forward.

6) Funding bid.

You submit our report with your bid to show how the project will be self-funding and make a significant impact.

7) Continuing support.

Our involvement always carries on after our report. We’re invested in the success of all our clients and are always on hand to answer questions and help with the next stage of the process.



Help your fundraising by using your website and social media to reach out.

We can develop campaigns for a community share bids, grant funding or social investment. We can develop your website to take bookings before you’ve opened so you’re busy from Day 1.

Hostel Hub’s feasibility study ‘gave the Trust a mandate to develop our plans further with strong evidence to the need, and the sustainability that we required. Plus, the after report support has been brilliant. Hostel Hub don’t just write reports.  They invest of themselves in the project and the organisation planning it.

Dan Rous

Development Officer, Tayport Community Trust

Feasibility studies

  • Options to help your community decide if a hostel is right for your community
  • Extensive community consultation
Find funding

Business plans

  • Ideal for funding and investment bids
  • Detailed financial projections to estimate potential earnings
  • Marketing plan to reach customers
Find funding


  • Increase your revenue by reaching the right market
  • Website, social media and events
Find funding

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