Your image of a hostel might be creaky bunkbeds and musty sleeping sacks. Now there is an increasing trend globally of comfortable boutique hostels, with private en-suite rooms or dormitories, and beautifully designed kitchens and lounges.

They look like this:

They attract business people who like the sociable feel, the family who needs to cook their own food because their child has allergies, the well-off couple who wants to see the real Scotland or England by meeting local people.

AND…Hostels create jobs for young people, allowing them to stay in the community.

AND…Hostels generate income ¬†– those rooms with multiple beds generate three times as much as a guest house would, but it’s not just about the hostel. The butcher who sells the meat guests are going to cook in the kitchen that night benefits, so do the shops that guests buy souvenirs in. And the bus service they use to get to a local tourist attraction.

AND…Hostels are social spaces where people from all different backgrounds and ages meet. They can have libraries or cafes in them, spaces that local people come to as well as guests.

We can provide a range of services based on our experience of managing hostels and hotels over the last 25 years and inspecting over 200 hostels. We know what works and what doesn’t. We offer feasibility studies, ¬†business plans and support for any stage of the journey, whether clients want to start from scratch or support to turn around existing accommodation that is struggling.

For some clients, we start by doing feasibility studies and business plans so they can buy an empty building. For others, it’s about taking an existing accommodation business that’s struggling to do well and turning it around.

Our hostel consultant was a manager of hostels and hotels for over 25 years. He was the first independent hostel inspector in Scotland so he’s seen over 200 hostels and knows what works and what doesn’t.

Depending on what a client needs, we can hire and train staff, do marketing and even run the hostel until the community has the skills to take it over themselves.

We want to show — and prove — the impact that a great hostel can make on a community, both economically and socially.

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Hostel Hub helps regenerate communities through great hostels. We work with development trusts, charities and local activists to start up boutique hostels which are so amazing, people will travel from all over the world just to stay there.

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